23.02.13. Birdlog

23.02.13. Birdlog

A female Marsh Harrier and a pair of Avocet were on or over No 6 tank, 6 Brambling were along the restricted footpath on Lordship Marsh and a Stonechat by the horse paddock next to the motorway bridge at Marsh Lane.

Observers: Frank Duff, Arthur Harrison

Waxwings in garden 22 Feb 2013. Colin ButlerWaxwings were again in trees along Westfield Road, Runcorn this morning.

Observer: Colin Butler

22.02.13. Waxwings in Runcorn (& Widnes)

9 Waxwing again in trees along Festival Way.

Observer: WSM

15 Waxwing in garden at Westfield Road were drinking from pond and eating next door’s berries.

Observer: Colin Butler.

75 Waxwing on the east side of Barrow’s Green Lane c.80m north of the Weates Close junction, Widnes.

c/o Richard Smith.

14.02.13. Valentine’s Waxwings in Runcorn

14.02.13. Valentine’s Waxwings in Runcorn

14.02.13. Waxwings, Regent Street, Runcorn. Bill Morton.

Got a text from Don Weedon at midday to say he had found a Kingfisher at ‘Big Pool’ opposite the Union Tavern, Union Street, Runcorn. The Co-op flock of (47) Waxwings (in trees at the top of Regent Street, Co-op car park) access from High Street continue to be found here.

14.02.13. Waxwings, Regent Street, Runcorn. Bill Morton.

At 15.20 I saw a flock of 64 birds in trees along Boston Avenue.

After work at 16.10 I called in on the Co-op birds and they were very co-operative increasing to 61 birds. So, a grand total of 125 birds in Runcorn today.

Observers: Don Weedon, WSM (images by WSM of the Co-op flock).