23.01.22. Birdlog.

I undertook my Ince WeBs count this afternoonwhere I found the missing Western Cattle Egret flock which were hiding at the back of the pig farm along the Manchester Ship Canal, 3 birds in total. There were 15 Little Egret noted and 2 Great Egret were seen, 1 dropped down on to the construction site and a 3rd bird was seen on Ince salt marsh. A mass of Northen Lapwings c3500 were on the stubble alongside the Holpool Gutter, but no sign of the European Golden Plover flock from yesterday. Canada Goose were in good numbers on the salt marsh with smaller numbers of Pink-footed Goose, an odd looking hybrid Canada X Greylag was amongst the herd.I checked the Gowy Meadows on my way home where both Greylag and Canada Goose were in one flock, while the next field held a flock of Pink-footed Goose, one bird wearing a neck collar (VOA), details to follow…

Observer: Paul Ralston.

We took a walk along Hare’s Lane this morning where the Green Sandpiper were not to be found in any of their usual haunts. The fields on Lordship Marsh just below the south east corner of No.4 tank harboured 24 Whooper Swan, however the family of Bewick’s Swan here yesterday went AWOL.

Wigeon and Curlew feeding side by side.

The area of migration had 32 Eurasian Wigeon, several Gadwall, numerous Eurasian Teal and Northern Shoveler. About 45 Eurasian Curlew were busy probing the soggy fields for worms while masses of Northern Lapwing were whirling about the area. Small skeins of Pink-footed Goose were flying over.

No.6 tank had 11 Common Pochard, several Tufted Duck, 12 Northern Pintail, c300 Eurasian Teal and 51 Common Shelduck.

A lone Black-tailed Godwit joined the 16 Common Moorhen in the flood fields off Moorditch Lane.

Observers: JS & WSM (videos).

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