14.01.22. Birdlog.

male Crossbill.

We took a walk along Station Road, Delamere this morning pausing at Blakemere where a colour marked Herring Gull did its best to make sure it hide the ring combination. The Northern Lapwing were having a siesta on the frozen mere with some comical Common Snipe doing their dancing on Ice routine as they skated between resting spots.

The cluster of Common Goosander were at the western edge of the mere which had patches of open water.

female Crossbill.

Walking through Barnsbridge car park we headed up the Cheshire Loop to the new forest lodge area. After a late lunch we slowly made our way back when a flock Siskin flew overhead and settled atop a tree quickly followed by c15 Common Crossbill which gave us some brilliant views.

Observers: JS & WSM (videos).