06.10.21. Birdlog.

Female Whooper Swan.

An after work sojourn down to my beloved marshes and a look over No.6 tank which had the atmosphere of turning up late to a party that had finished two hours earlier. However what numbers of Black-taled Godwit were left from the earlier tide I could have countered on one hand. A yelping gaggle of Pink-footed Goose headed over aiming for the Dee marshes.

A young Kestrel and a Wood Pigeon.

A scattered group of 21 Ruff contained the ‘white-headed’ bird from previous days and just half a dozen European Golden Plover, a whisp of Common Redshank and a few hundred Northern Lapwing were present.

Black-tailed Godwit.

Ducks are always a saving grace, so 137 Northern Shoveler, 57 Eurasian Wigeon, 24 Northern Pintail, 131 Eurasian Teal, 17 Mallard, 1 Common Pochard and 79 Tufted Duck provided some distraction.

Spike Island.

The female Whooper Swan was again at Spike Island and the River Mersey had Little Egret, Kingfisher and 17 Black-tailed Godwit.

Observer and images: WSM.