21.07.21. Birdlog.

Juvenile Western Reed Warbler

I made a dawn raid to the marsh this morning, but the lingering misty vale hung around for a couple of hours, so after drying off from the dripping reed frones I listened out to the tunes from beyond the fog.


A couple of Grasshopper Warbler were busy singing from the depths while one of the mixed singing Willow Warbler (Chillow) was giving out brief snatches of the ‘mix’. A couple of Common Sandpiper were calling from the bank nearby and a dueting pair of Eurasian Bullfinch added to the variety. After the mist eventually lifted it didn’t take long for the hot morning sun to evaporate both the fog and the heavy morning dew.


Redwall reed bed was alive with small groups of juvenile Western Reed and Sedge Warbler chasing each other through the scrub and bushes, with young Common Reed Bunting taking up their chase.


The highlight was a Whinchat on the fence line that surrounds the reed bed and further out into the field was a fine male European Stonechat.


A Common Kingfisher flashed by and after doing a curcuit of the river bank it landed on a post to preen. The Weaver Estuary had presumably the same two Common Sandpiper, a flock of 34 Black-tailed Godwit and several Eurasian Oystercatcher were present.

Walking back and a released Grey Partridge hunkered down when a Common Buzzard flew overhead on No.1 tank. In the distance the rising tide sent up a Little Egret over Marsh Farm.

Observer: WSM (images).

The Western Osprey reappeared over the Weaver Bend at midday for its third day – per Will Sixsmith.

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