08.06.21. Birdlog.

May be an image of bird, grass and nature

We took a ramble up to the ‘phalarope pool’ along Lordship Lane where a couple of pairs of Northern Lapwing were present and agitated by us walking by their field. The cause of their concern was fairly obvious with well grown chicks following their parents through the emerging maize plants.

A male Western Marsh Harrier did its duties and several Common Buzzard and several Common Kestrel were about the area. The ‘phalarope pool’ had a Eurasian Coot, 2 Gadwall and 3 Northern Lapwing. Our walk continued to the north banks of No.6 tank and the sweltering heat of the day was taking its toll and a look across the receeding waters revealed a group of panting Black-tailed Godwit, 74 Tufted Duck and an assortment of much smaller duck species.

A Black-tailed Chaser poised on a reed stem but generally inverts were few and far between.

Observer: JS & WSM.

(image by Paul Ralston).