14.05.21. Birdlog.


A repeat performance from Neston’s finest…aka Whipper.

The first bird I saw was perched up on the dead tree in the form of an adult Eurasian Hobby…typically no camera. A male Western Marsh Harrier was over the distant reed beds and over at Marsh Farm were 2 male and a female Northern Wheatear. The 1st summer Little Gull was again on the River Weaver.

Observer: Mark (Whipper) Gibson.


We undertook a 17.5 km walk down and about the marsh this morning with a singing Lesser Whitethroat alongside the River Weaver at Frodsham Bridge. Further out and around the ‘bend’ were 4 Great Crested Grebe, 6 Mute Swan, a small number of Tufted Duck, several hundred Common Shelduck, c60 pairs of Black-headed Gull at a secluded site and many nesting Pied Avocet and again at an equally secured area.


The 1st summer Little Gull was still present but getting some serious aggro from the much bigger loafing 1st summer Black-headed Gull group. A Eurasian Hobby was harrassing a large raptor over the Weaver Estuary.

Field Mouse.

Walking back and we found a Long-tailed Field Mouse that fell into the Weaver Navigation and after fishing it out and helping it to recover I managed to take this short video.

Observers: JS & WSM (images).

Little Gull Images by John Gilbody.

Hobby video by Jimmy Mancini.

I started at Kinseys Lane and walked the short distance to the Holpool Gutter.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew across from the salt marsh with a beak full of grubs, not many suitable nest sites along that stretch. There were 6 Little Egret and a single Great Egret were out on the salt marsh and fishing in the gutters.

A pair of Great Crested Grebe were on the Manchester Ship Canal amongst the Mallard, Gadwall and Common Shelduck, a hybrid Canada x Greylag cross was very vocal as I made my way past it. I heard a commotion high up and observed a Western Osprey being mobbed by a group of Carrion Crow, Common Raven and a Western Marsh Harrier joined in, it circled over the pig farm and then continued west.

A family group of 4 Common Raven probably from their local nest site were annoying the Northern Lapwing which were nesting in the fields alongside Ince marsh fields. There were 2 Eurasian Coot nests, 1 with 7 eggs and then a Common Moorhen with 5 eggs and a Little Grebe with 4 humbug chicks noted along the gutter.

Hopefully I will have a card reader tomorrow and will post pictures of the Western Osprey.

Observer: Paul Ralston.

May be an image of bird, nature and body of water
May be an image of bird and nature

An immature (3cy) Iceland Gull found by Gary Worthington overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal off Mersey Road, Runcorn this evening and coming to bread.

Iceland Gull images by Gary Worthington.

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