30.04.21. Birdlog.

May be a close-up of flower and nature

Perhaps the best description I have heard of the British climate is from the Australian Cricketer Shane Warne whom described UK weather as “nine months of winter followed by three months of bad weather”.

And so it was on a cold late April evening I stood watching No.6 tank questioning the wisdom of many of the wading birds present heading even further north.

There were just under 250 Black-tailed Godwit close to the track with 17 summer plumaged Dunlin and 2 Ringed Plover feeding busily on the water’s edge. Five Ruff were wandering amongst the Godwit with one bird clearly getting ideas above its station in developing a Gyr Falcon-esque plumage.

At about five o’clock half of the Godwits peeled off and headed towards the estuary to feed leaving the remaining birds – I imagined – chattering amongst themselves that they wouldn’t be so common as to eat their evening meal so early!!

Just before I left a Western Yellow Wagtail flew over calling and a dozen or so Swifts dropped out of the sky. 

Walking back to my van I was serenaded by Cetti’s, Reed, Sedge and Grasshopper Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Blackcap and Common Chiffchaff. A Water Rail was also heard squealing along the bank.

Observer: Paul Shenton.

Image by Paul Miller.

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