01.04.21. Birdlog.

May be an image of wading bird and nature

We took our walk along Brook Furlong Lane where Roger Wilkinson had seen and heard a mixed songster Willow Warbler x Chiffchaff and after relocating it fine views were obtained and a video secured. The lane was full of Common Chiffchaff. Cetti’s Warbler, 2 additional Willow Warbler and 4 Blackcap. We carried on our walk to look across the pipes on No.1 tank. We arrived at the old bird log site and looked across the pipes on No.1 tank a 1st summer male Northern Wheatear was on and off the fence line and proved to be elusive.

May be an image of bird and nature

A Barn Swallow flew over head and joined c100 Sand Martin on the River Weaver. Roger’s good fortune continued with a pair of Barnacle Goose on the ‘bend’ and c80 Pied Avocet over the area.

May be an image of bird and nature

Walking along Moorditch Lane and more Common Chiffchaff and Cetti’s Warbler were vocal.

May be an image of bird and nature

We walked along the north side of No.6 tank where hundreds 2 Barn Swallow, (c400) of Sand and 2 House Martin were either over the open water or above our heads. A Little Egret was perched low down on a tree overhanging the water, but it was the hirundines which made a spectatular event to witness.

May be an image of bird and nature

The ducks included: 128 Northern Shoveler, c90 Eurasian Teal, Common Shelduck, Mallard, 28 Tufted Duck and a few Little Grebe. The Black-tailed Godwit flock were tightly packed and I estimaed that c400 birds were hundled together. A single Ruff chose the teal to hang out with.

May be an image of bird and nature

The mitigation area had a few Black-tailed Godwit and a Pied Avocet could be heard. A fine Western Marsh Harrier flew over high to the west.

May be an image of wading bird, body of water and nature
May be an image of bird and nature

A long walk out to view the south Mersey marshes revealed 3 Whooper Swan, 7 Little Egret, c700 Pink-footed Goose, c700 Black-tailed and 2 Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Grey Plover, 50 Eurasian Oystercatcher and c350 Eurasian Curlew. A pair of Great Crested Grebe were in their ritual head shaking display right in the middle of the Mersey Estuary.

A call from that man Roger again and we walked back along Lordship Lane to see his Western Yellow Wagtail in the stubble fields with numerous Pied, but not one of his french grey birds. A Little Ringed Plover was doing its best to hide behind the stubble stalks, without success.

A European Stonechat rounded the walk off nicely.

Observers: JS & WSM (images 1 & 3-4 & 7 & video).

Additional images by Phil Barker (image 5).

David Eisner (images 2 & 6 & 8).

2 thoughts on “01.04.21. Birdlog.

  1. Great post!

    Just to clear up, where exactly are you when you talk about overlooking the south Mersey marshes?

    Thanks, Will.


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