20.03.21. Birdlog.

May be an image of bird and nature

I started my walk at Brook Furlong Lane this morning where a Cetti’s Warbler was heard then seen as it burst out its song from a hawthorn bush. A Wren joined in the early morning chorus and all went quiet when a Sparrowhawk made an appearance.

May be an image of bird and nature
May be an image of hawk and nature

The Raven were busy with many cleaning and recycling up the lambing casualties laying about. Out on the River Weaver with 7 Barnacle Goose were amongst the many Canada’s, Tufted Duck, Common Shelduck and Mallard with pair bonding in readiness for the breeding season. A late group of Common Goldeneye were still present with a drake tossing his head in display. Many Pied Avocet were moving up and down river and could be heard calling from their secured breeding site across the river. more birds were feeding out on the Mersey Estuary. Also Eurasian Oystercatcher were also claiming territory along the river and pair of Common Ringed Plover and a single Common Sandpiper made their presence known.

No description available.

Walking along Lordship Lane and decent numbers of Pied Wagtail were in the stubble with more on No.6 tank. Lapwing were displaying above the stubble field and a flock of 15 Eurasian Curlew dropped in to forage.

No description available.

There were more Cetti’s Warbler were heard along the lane. A pair of Common Buzzard, one a pale phase bird sat side by side in a tree on Lordship Marsh, and a pair of Stock Dove have claimed one of the owl boxes.

May be an image of wading bird and nature

I called at Ince on my way home where 7 Little Egret were noted didnt see the cattle egrets, but they could have been feeding in one of the many dips in the field. A flock of Fieldfare passed overhead.

Observers: Paul Ralston (images 1-3 & 6).


An early start and bumping into Paul we both walked along at a respectful distance to watch over No.6 tank. A few ducks didn’t encourage us to linger so we continued alongside No.3 tank.


After we both went our separates ways I took the opportunity to look across the salt marshes and watched skeins of Pink-footed Goose wheeling around in the distance. There were 3 Great and 2 Little Gret also on the marsh with 3 Barnacle Goose.


Walking back along Lordship Lane where Frank Duff had relocated the flava Wagtail which had asperations of much grander lineage. FD had also seen the elusive Water Pipit in the same field.

Yellow Wagtail on Lordship Marsh

Observer: WSM (video). & images 7-9).

May be an image of bird and nature

Three Western Cattle Egret were in the fields along Kinsey Lane, Ince at the pig farm per Elton Digsby.

Images 4-5 by Phil Barker.

1 thought on “20.03.21. Birdlog.

  1. Hello all, my first time on the blog! Whilst down the Ship Street end of the marsh, near the river where I normally see the Little Egret, on the northern bank of the river I am sure I have spotted 5-6 Avocet?? I have read that they have been seen on the marshes here before. My apologies, I didn’t have a camera with me, anyway they were too far to take a reasonable photograph anyway. Am I seeing things? Has anyone else seen them? I’d be interested to know. Many thanks! Dave.


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