04.02.21. Birdlog.


A long walk today on our allocated daily exercise regime produced: 27034 steps, 1775 kcals used up and 20km of footage. If only the birds were so productive, but any day out side beats any day inside.


A huge flock of Northern Lapwing were up and down like a yoyo from various locations on the marsh today and with them were hundreds of European Golden Plover. A herd of c200 Pink-footed Goose joined the Canada Goose herds on No.3 tank and a smaller assortment of Northern Shoveler, Eurasian Teal and Eurasian Wigeon on the flooded fields.


Work continues on the drainage platforms on No.6 tank and again the ducks don’t like sharing it, so they allocated to another area.


A Common Chiffchaff and several European Stonechat were alongside the lanes.

Observers: JS & WSM (images 1-4).

A walk at Ince after work today. The pools were very quiet with just a handful of Mallard and Eurasian Teal alongside the ever present Eurasian Coot and Common Moorhen. A single Little Egret was foraging amongst the pigs with c40 Eurasian Curlew also in the field.

May be an image of wading bird and nature

A look over the salt marsh and a Great Egret and several Little Egret were noted. Geese were scarce until several hundred Pink-footed Goose appeared from the south to spend the night on the marsh. Hundreds of Rook and Carrion Crow were making the most of the longer daylight and feeding amongst the short grass. A mass of Common Starling left the marsh flying south to their roost and c2000 were noted on the pylons by the Gowy Meadows last night with many more carrying on south.

May be an image of bird, nature and body of water
May be an image of body of water and nature

Thousands of Dunlin and other waders were gathering at the mouth of the River Gowy just off Stanlow Island as the light faded.

Observer: Paul Ralston (images 5-7).