30.12.20. Birdlog.


A couple of visits to the marshes today with an early frosty start at Kinsey Lane pig farm and its inmates were released for the day but their attendant egrets were having a lay-in and apart from a Grey Heron and a lone Little Egret were pig bothering. I turned my attention to the salt marshes where hundreds of Pink-footed Goose herds were dispersed by the incoming tide.


A big female Peregrine was sat close to the geese causing them further anxiety. A couple Great Egret were strutting their stuff through the tall marsh grass and small flocks of Dunlin were shifting their feeding and high tide roosts site. It started to rain heavy so a tactical retreat postponed our visit to Frodsham until later in the afternoon.


The afternoon forecast looked okay so we parked up and began our walk along Moorditch Lane, and yes it started to rain and apart from a couple of interludes it increased from sleet, to drizzle, to regular type rain throughout the rest of our walk. Walking along Lordship Lane at the junction with Moorditch Lane produced a flock of 10 Chaffinch, c60 Linnet and a Lesser Redpoll loosely associating with a European Goldfinch in ditch side vegetation.

The Whooper Swan herd of 22 birds were again by the turbines on Lordship Marsh with a flock of c200 Eurasian Curlew.


Walking back at dusk in the rain and another fat moon peeked over the skyline at Beechwood, Runcorn. Ducks on No.6 tank included c500 Eurasian Teal, 20 Northern Pintail, 41 Mallard and c200 Northern Shoveler occuping the areas which had’nt froze overnight.

Observers: JS & WSM (images).

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