28.12.20. Birdlog.


After overnight snow we ventured down to the marshes for a walk and by the time we got there most of it have melted. A quick look over No.6 tank revealed a cluster of ducks including several Common Redshank, 17 Northern Pintail, c120 Northern Shoveler, 2 drake Tufted Duck, c50 Mallard and c250 Eurasian Teal. A couple of quarrelling Water Rail were in the reeds below the embankment.


Further along the track and a dead cow was on No.5 tank which has been laying dead for over a week at this spot. Its bloated stomach is growing by the day (batten down the hatches, because when this baby blows they’ll be a shower of shite all over Cheshire). The local Common Raven and Great Black-backed Gull are taking a keen interest in its tender neither regions, currently a Robin has taken ownership of the corpse and sits on the extended flanks bringing comical festive tidings to the proceedings.

A look over No.3 tank revealed where most of the ducks have relocated with the Eurasian Teal, Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Shoveler are loitering and a single Black-tailed Godwit. The female Western Marsh Harrier flew high over No.3 tank and settled in trees on No.6 tank. A small skein of Pink-footed Goose headed over from the east to spend time on Frodsham Score.

Nice to bump into Jacqui & Idris (King & Queen of the jigsaw) and to meet Tim (of @WilderThingsUK)

Observers: JS & WSM (images).

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