24.12.20. Birdlog.


A morning walk out to the River Weaver to see whst the ducks were up to. A nice little group of 8 Common Goldeneye lead by a handsome drake. The Eurasian Teal were out by the jetty with c150 present with 171 Tufted Duck, 17 Mallard, 6 Gadwall and 41 Common Pochard. A flock of c200 Common Redshank and a single Little Egret represented the shorebirds and a couple of European Stonechat working along the bank.

A Cetti’s Warbler was calling by Redwall reed bed and a small number of Redwing and Fieldfare were left over from the glut we had a few weeks ago. The pair of resident Mistle Thrush were again on the pony paddock. A distant sein of Pink-footed Goose were heading to Frodsham Score.

I returned home and then made a second visit at dusk to walk the lane to the ‘phalarope pool’ on No.3 tank. The sounds of piping Eurasian Teal could be heard hiding in the scrapes and out of view. A few ducks were on the ‘splashing pool’ but not alot of anything else. We walked back and took a view over No.6 tank where a single Little Egret, c150 Tufted Duck, 137 Northern Shoveler, c200 Eurasian Teal and some Northern Pintail could be seen on the water. A couple of Western Marsh Harrier came into the tank for the night.

Observer: WSM.

An early finish from work and a walk from Ince to the Holpool Gutter.


There were 9 Little Egret, a single Grey Heron and a single Western Cattle Egret foraging amongst the pigs at Kinsey Lane pig farm where Eurasian Curlew tried to join in the grub fest but was chased away by the heron. A flock of 150 less itimidated Eurasian Curlew were in a field alongside the approach road to GrowHow fertilizer plant and were joined by another Little Egret.The pools at the nature reserve held two more Little Egret, a pair of Mute Swan and a mixed flock of Eurasian Teal and Mallard.


Looking over to Frodsham Score salt marsh from Ince berth and hundreds of Canada Goose and c300 Pink-footed Goose dropped in feeding on the short marsh grass. A dozen Great Black-backed Gull were feasting on a sheep carcase while the corvids were waiting their turn nearby. A couple of Great Egret and several Little Egret were dotted about the marsh.

Walking alongside the Holpool Gutter and an additional c50 Eurasian Curlew were feeding in the stubble field with 2 Mute Swan were social distancing and keeping a couple of hundred yards apart in the same area.

A look over Lordship Marsh drew a blank with no sign of the wswan herd to be seen, but they could of been hidden behind the GrowHow plant and out of sight. A mass of Black-headed Gull and a few Common Gull were feeding in the field at the junction of Lordship Lane and Rake Lane.

Observer: Paul Ralston (images 1-3).

25.12.20. Birdlog. The sun sinks in the western sky illuminating the Mersey Estuary in golden smokey browns. Merry Christmas to all my followers and readers of this blog.

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