Halloween Edition

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A short ghastly walk from the graveyard that is Ince to the Holloweenpool Gutter on this spooky morning. As soon as I got out of my hearse I could hear skeins of ghostly geese passing overhead and leaving their last resting place on the dead marshes.


A few bloodcurdling Redwing and dark as the night Blackbird were joined by several Fieldtreat thrushes feeding on the haunting hawthorn berries, a few extra Gravefare were lurking amongst the tombstones in the adjacent stubble fields.

A mysterious Merlin was seen haunting over Incey Marsh and soon settled on a piece of deadwood greedily eyeing the mass of sinister Starlings murmurating at the edge of the River Murdery. A large flock of Gruesome Black-cloaked and Lesser Black-cloaked Gulls were resting on the dead marshes, while a few others were feasting on the neither living nor dead zomie sheep laid out after being tossed asunder on the salty brine by the mischievous tide. A cauldron of Little Regrets were cackling in the watery channels with many Shellshockduck sitting like spectres amongst their throng.


Flocks of derring-do Dunlin and Redshock were seen moving up and down the edge of the marshes of styx with Mallard Lady’s and Gentlemen, Terrible Teal and Gadwail on the main Horrible Gutter. A pumpmaster general was bleeding the water to keep the levels down from the flooded fields. 

I made my way back after getting caught in a frightful downpour and watched as 4 grimly Grey Wagtail and a dozen Spied-upon Wagtail fed on horrendous grubs washed out of the earth by the sudden downpour from the malevolent sky.

Vampire Watcher: Count Ralston, (scary pics 1-2 & 4). With a touch of creative editing by Nosferatu.


An eerie owl perches out on the spooky sludge tanks in the witching hour…5 years ago!

If I don’t give it some welly I might try something birdy themed.

Image and video by Nosferatu.

The Starling murmuration over No.6 tank (Duncan Cowley) images 3 & 5 & 7).

…and finally part 1 & 2 of an article that is featured in The Frodsham Nub News about a Frodsham Marsh birder and the birds. Click link here: https://frodsham.nub.news/n/sketching-sculpture-and-sludge-tanks-frodsham-birder39s-bill-morton-on-his-artistic-fascination-with-our-local-wildlife & https://frodsham.nub.news/n/bill-morton-on-the-birds-of-frodsham-marsh

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