07.10.20. Birdlog.

Just an additional note regarding a skein of 170 Pink-footed Goose flying over Runcorn docks at 08.30 on 05.10.20.

Back to today and a dash down to No.6 tank after work and after a day of sunshine (for a change). A look over the water revealed a flock of c100 Black-tailed Godwit, they didn’t linger for long, and 90% of them departed to the Mersey Estuary. A smallish flock of 35 Northern Lapwing included 4 Ruff and 2 Common Snipe.

A huge number of Canada Goose came in from the surrounding area and eventually tallied c2000 birds. More geese were joining the super skein on the open water and were presumably settling on the tank for the evening. Their flock size made things quite cramp for the other waterflowl and several flocks of Northern Shover and Northern Pintail were forced to flight around the area until the Canada’s settled enough for the ducks to find some open water to dabble on and in.

Despite relishing in the beauty of these wild creatures (albeit orginating from introduced stock by the landed gentry 300 years ago) someone was shooting at the geese from a field by a public footpath, injurying two of the birds.

Observer: WSM (video).

A female Western Marsh Harrier was spotted by Phil Barker.

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