05.09.20. Birdlog

I started my birding along Brook Furlong Lane this morning where a Cetti’s Warbler was heard and a couple of Common Chiffchaff followed a party of Long-tailed Tit through the bushes.

Onward to the River Weaver where 5 Mute Swan, c150 Common Redshank, c20 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Common Sandpiper and c60 Northern Lapwing were at the river’s edge. Not a great deal on the river with regard to ducks with just c40 Tufted Duck, a few Mallard, Gadwall and Eurasian Teal, plus c60 Eurasian Coot and 4 Great Crested Grebe. A small flock of c20 Dunlin which flew down river and over to the Mersey Estuary to join the Black-tailed Godwit and Eurasian Curlew foraging at the edge of the tidal channel.

A single Eurasian Hobby sat on a fence post near to Marsh Farm and a Common Buzzard crossed the Manchester Ship Canal flushing the waders along the Weaver Estuary. There were 2 Northern Wheatear noted on No.3 tank and a pack of Common Raven scavenged on a sheep carcass.

Looking over to No.6 tank and c450 Black-tailed Godwit were gathered in the shallow water with 3 Common Greenshank amongst them. The godwit flock was flushed by a young Peregrine who put in repeated strikes at the flock without any luck. The falcon turned its attention to the ducks on the water and tried to take a Mallard from the surface but failed again. The other wildfowl didn’t seem to disturbed by the falcons presence and it left hungry but wiser.

There were 3 Ruff amongst the c50 Northern Lapwing and c30 Gadwall were on the ‘phalarope pool’.

Barn Swallow were hawking over the recently cut grass on Lordship Marsh and a flock of c80 Canada Goose fed on the stubble fields.

Observer and images: Paul Ralston.

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