11.03.20. Birdlog.


With the increasing evening light I took advantage of it after work to get in some midweek birding on the marsh. The wintering female Long-tailed Duck finally re-emerged after hiding for 3 days. Likewise, the 1st winter female Greater Scaup (like the LTD) was a little out of place with every other species of duck in display. A pair of ‘weed’ displaying Great Crested Grebe were good value and many of the drake Common Goldeneye in a flock of 19 birds were ‘head tossing’ like a heavy metal convention. Eurasian Teal numbered 230 birds while Tufted Duck regain their former count of c150 with 7 Common Pochard.

Perhaps the highlight was the return of Pied Avocet to the River Weaver and with the setting sun birds streamed out of the river to roost on the Mersey Estuary for the night. The combined count was 88 birds and constitues a new site record.

A single European Stonechat and a couple of Cetti’s Warbler were mobile along the river edge.

The small flock of Fieldfare continue to linger at the old birdlog and a large herd of Canada Goose were grazing on No.1 tank.

 Observer and image: WSM.

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