02.02.20. Birdlog.

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I know the Bittern are always tricky to spot but they are a big rarity on Frodsham Marsh and I was really fortunate to see on over the Weaver Bend.

Image may contain: bird, sky and outdoor

I had the good fortune to see one was flying abve the height of a pylon heading towards the refinery works by the Weaver Bend, it flew from the direction of Helsby Hill. I didn’t see if it had flushed been from the marsh. I was standing on the lane just down where there is a sharp left (in the direction of the Marsh Farm) where the hawthorn end with the Weaver Bend in front.

I am on a bit of a Cheshire twitch this year (usually get around 160 to 170 species and was looking to see if it was possible to push closer to 200) and to be honest, I was looking for Ringed Plover. I always seem to draw a blank on those in Cheshire. Iit was lovely sitting watching the ducks on the Weaver for an hour.

Observer and images: Andrew Emmerson.

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