06.04.19. Birdlog.

A long walk out to the farthest reaches of the marshes to watch the gentle tide roll in on a very sunny backed by a north-easterly breeze wafting in Saturday.

There was the usual spring gathering of ducks on No.6 tank with 40 Tufted Duck joining 20 Common Shelduck, 14 Northern Shoveler, 7 Gadwall, 11 Mallard and 2 Little Grebe. A small group of Northern Lapwing also encouraged 4 Common Snipe and 3 Ruff to join them. A group of Meadow Pipit close to the edge of the flood water had at least 2 Water Pipit in their handsome summer plumage alongside them.

I eventually reached the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal and looked across Frodsham Score where the tide inched in filling the tidal gutters before spilling out onto the swarthy grass.

Image may contain: bird and sky

Image may contain: bird and sky

A female Marsh Harrier took advantage of the salt marsh tide flooding the area to look for food. This bird was joined by a very tatty ‘shot out’ winged bird an hour later. The majority of shorebirds were Curlew with several hundred present. A small group of handsome summer Golden Plover were lingerers from the winter along with Redshank and Oystercatcher being noted.

A group of 5 yellow billed ‘winter’ swans were too far out on Ince marsh for specific identification, but a yellow billed egret was much closer and revealed itself to be a Great Egret, there were 7 Little Egret for good measure.

Raven were very much out in force and a big gold medal to our conservation hero the farmer for providing so much food for them.

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A muddy Fox was flushed by the advancing tide and made a quick retreat to safer ground.

Observer and images: WSM.