15.03.19. Birdlog.

A quick walk around No.6 tank with a start along Moorditch and Lordship Lanes. The flooded fields past the model aircraft field had a small flock of Linnet. The Whooper Swan herd have shifted location and can’t be found in the fields by the motorway and tonight just 4 Mute Swan were settled there. The hedgerows had flocks of north bound Redwing.

A look over No.4 tank revealed the tatty Marsh Harrier floating as majestically as you can with a bunch of flight feathers missing.

The fields everywhere are flooded with the aftermath of Storm Gareth but Storm Harriot should keep the pools topped up. Many Northern Shoveler and 18 Tufted Duck were utilising the area.

A look over No.6 tank produced c300 Eurasian Teal with 16 Tufted Duck and the usual numbers of both Common Shelduck and Northern Shoveler.

A Peregrine was sat high on her blue topped chimney above the Weaver estuary.

Observers: JS & WSM (images).