10.08.18. Birdlog.

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After work we took a hike around No.6 tank with low expectations on the birdy front and guess what…? We were not to be disappointed.

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A couple of Yellow Wagtail were flushed from a pathside tree and went off thrilling to their next destination. The stubble fields adjacent to Lordship Lane was buzzing with a flock of c220 Linnet.

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The track between No.4 & 6 tank had a freshening breeze to cool the sunshine and the nearby ‘Splashing Pool’ had only a couple of Tufted Duck and a single Gadwall. The highlight bird spot from the path we where watching from was a group of 12 Raven riding the updraft from the steep banks of the Manchester Ship Canal by the side of the Pumping Station. The flock was joined by a juvenile Peregrine which engaged in a bout of playful fly tumbling with the corvids. I have seen film footage of a juvenile Sparrowhawk play fighting with Jays before on TV but this was equally entertaining and there didn’t appear to be any antagonism between the species.

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A look over No.6 tank and despite the deluge we had a lunch time the sludge tank remained very much…dry!

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Observers: Sparky & WSM (images 2-4).

Paul Crawley (images 1 & 5-7).