23.07.18. Birdlog.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

I paid a brief visit hoping for a few waders that may have been dislodged from the morning tide out on the Mersey estuary…I should have stayed in bed instead.

A few Black-headed Gull were lazing about the watering hole that is now the sludge tank pool on No.6. A female and juvenile Marsh Harrier were active in the area…I made a quick getaway to sort out the damage to my car bonnet which was outstanding from my accident in January.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Sometime later and after visiting the garage in Widnes I (we, that is Sparky and me) made my way back to the marsh for a walk in the very warm sunshine around No.6 tank.

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A male Marsh Harrier was hunting Lordship Marsh and the usually dependablet Tufted Duck had encamped on the ‘Splashing Pool’ where c80 were present. No.3 tank had bone dry pools with head height nettles and thistles (good conservation management by the ‘committed’ committee) holding onto the heat of the day.

The reedy ditches along the track on No.5 tank still had singing Reed and Sedge Warbler with juvenile Whitethroat popping out of the bramble bushes every now and then. There were 4 Common Swift feeding over the tank and a dozen or so Raven were loitering about.

Another look over No.6 revealed another Marsh Harrier but the Black-headed Gull flock had given up the ghost and were fast asleep. A bunch of butterflies and a Yellow Wagtail did their best to add a splash of colour to the proceedings. I decided that enough was enough and left the stage for the day.

A view from Weston Village looking south across Frodsham Marsh and out to Helsby Hill…

…from the same position and the river tides edges close to the Weaver Sluices at Weston Point…

…looking slightly to the right from the last image and the disused power station blue topped chimney towers over Ineos Chlor works and looks west to the Mersey estuary.

Observer: WSM (images)

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