25.06.18. Birdlog.

A morning ramble out to the Weaver Bend from the Marsh Lane via Brook Furlong Lane. The going was tough in the 28 degree heat and fighting my way through the dense vegetation before emerging on the banks of the River Weaver.

The water level was much higher than the previous couple of weeks with the muddy margins covered by the river. The Avocet totals were reflected by the high water level with most of the juvenile (that could fly) and the majority of adults having relocated elsewhere. Those that were left were caring for much younger offspring and totalled c40 birds. A few Common Shelduck were with crèche’s and stuck to the Weaver estuary away from the Great Black-backed Gull that was patrolling the waters.

A fresh batch of Ringlet Butterflies were on the banks of the ‘Bend’ and I only managed to collect just the two Cleg bites. There were plenty of Nursery Web Spiders nests about today in the long grass of the banks.

I met up with Sparky on Brook Furlong Lane and we headed clockwise around No.6 tank. The ‘Splashing Pool’ had 74 Tufted Duck but the ‘shitigation’ pools were quickly drying out with just a single lame Black-tailed Godwit feeding in the muddy pool. A male Marsh Harrier was hunting on No.2 tank but didn’t venture any nearer.

The sweltering heat along the track between No.3 and No.6 was barely tolerable and certainly felt like Hell’s Kitchen but the wider path gave us plenty of space to ward off the Cleg attacks. A couple of Avocet flew up from the hidden pools to see off a Raven and a Ringed Plover calling in the distance were the only other notable birds.

No.6 tank had a flock of c843 Black-tailed Godwit and were presumably part of the flock flooded out on the ‘Bend’? A few ducks included 24 Tufted Duck and 43 Common Teal.

Observers: Sparky and WSM (images 1 & 4 & 7).


A male Stonechat was at Redwall Reedbed per Keith Gallie (images 2-3 & 5-6 & 8-9).

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