31.05.18. Birdlog.

An after work jaunt down to the marshes in warm humid and at times a sweaty walk.

A look over No.6 tank was a bit of a surprise with the water level the lowest I’ve seen it for a number of years. There was even an old iron gate visible for the first time since it was submerged by the infill of water at the east edge of the sludge tank. Those duck that were present included: a drake Common Pochard, drake Common Teal, 66 Gadwall, 61 Common Sheduck, 103 Mallard and 6 Little Grebe, 12 Coot and 7 Moorhen.

A Grey Heron polishing off an eel was interesting.

The shorebirds were scattered across an area of receding mud where 661 Black-tailed Godwit, a Ruff, 3 Avocet and 4 Lapwing cold be found. While I was watching over No.3 tank the entire flock of godwits upped sticks and headed out to the Mersey estuary.

It was difficult to find any breeze to cool down and the cauldron of No.3 tank didn’t help. A Ringed Plover was the only wader present but it was worth the look as both Garganey were still hanging out on the ‘shitigation pools’.

Apart from single Kestrel and Common Buzzard there wasn’t much activity on the raptor front for a change.

Observer and images: WSM.