28.05.18. Birdlog.

A Bar-tailed Godwit was within 334 Black-tailed Godwit on No.6 tank this morning, along with 6 Avocet and a female Marsh Harrier.

A pair of Garganey were feeding on the mitigation pools which also held a couple of Ringed Plover.

The pipes on No. 1 tank held a Wheatear and a Painted Lady flew from the track.

Observer: Alyn Chambers (image 1).

After yesterday’s disappointing walk around the perimeter of No.6 tank things got a little better with AC’s earlier Garganey pair still present on the ‘shitigation’ (formerly the mitigation) pools of No.3 tank.

When we looked over No.6 tank it was good to see the c436 strong Black-tailed Godwit flock packed closely in the shallow waters of the pool with a couple of Avocet. There were 4 Shoveler, c100 Mallard, a few Tufted Duck and Gadwall present.


Eventually we stopped for our lunch looking over the ‘shitigation pools’ where the pair of Garganey were still dabbling in the ever evaporating waters of that area. Apart from the star ducks there was typically very little to add to the count but a male Marsh Harrier flew through to the east without stopping. A Yellow Wagtail flew over calling and a Skylark was ascending from high.

A few butterfly’s were out in the cauldron of hottest day of the year on the marshes, it was hotter than a pseudo scouser in Tallahassee. A Red Admiral made a welcome return, a wasp beetle. Fly is one of the ulidiidae, Ceroxys urticae looks a good match per Peter Brash. A discarded half of a Blackbird egg was on the edge of the track.

House Martin were busy nest-building under the eves of houses along Marsh Lane and several screaming Common Swift were also over High Street in Frodsham centre.

Observers: Sparky & WSM (images 2-8).

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