11.03.18. Birdlog.

A lovely day to be out and about on the marshes this afternoon. We headed out along Moorditch Lane where a Bullfinch type call from a hawthorn bush produced a Chiffchaff but just a P. collybita and not the expected eastern type (strange call nonetheless).

The flooded fields along Lordship Lane had a herd of 20 Mute Swan and despite my comments from yesterday the Whooper Swan (8 birds) were back again.

Walking through the now bollard entrance to the ramp track (at the south-west corner) of No.4 tank we continued avoiding the fly tipping em route. The fields of No.3 tank had a female Merlin perched on the fence line but if soon flew away towards No.5 tank. Three Mute Swan flew low over the fields and the mitigation pools had 23 Shoveler, 14 Coot and 34 Common Teal.

The open water of No.6 tank also had the remaining Shoveler from yesterday with c130 Common Teal, a pair of Pintail, 12 Common Shelduck, 224 Tufted Duck and 31 Common Pochard. A male Marsh Harrier spooked out the hiding teal from the dried out daisy beds.

Observers: Sparky & WSM (images).