23.02.18. Birdlog.

I was round the marsh this morning and the swans inc 2 Bewick’s were still there when I left at 11.oo am. There was a 1 Green Sandpiper which was flushed along Lordship Lane ditch. there were good numbers of Golden Plover behind mitigation ponds and loads of Raven in fields. On the way to the swans there were approx 100 Pied Wagtail and good numbers of Meadow Pipit and a flock 20+ Linnet.

Observer: John Gilbody.

After an earlier dart from work Sparky and myself took a 6 k hike around No.6 tank this evening in glorious sunshine.

Walking along Moorditch Lane and had a chat with Arthur Harrison the only birds worthy of note was a flock of 70 Redwing presumably displaced by the increasing cold weather edging its way from the east.

The walk was uneventful and slightly disappointing to see that the winter swans have left the fields by Spring Farm, let us hope it’s only for a short period.

A pair of Marsh Harrier were circling high over No.6 tank and small clouds of Raven were jousting for fun and riding the uplift from the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. The mitigation area on No.3 tank had a few Common Teal and Shoveler with the fields holding onto loose flocks of Lapwing.

The chill wind again brought the Shoveler, 40 Common Pochard and 17 Tufted Duck flock into the south banks while the much hardier 230 Common Teal were close to the north banks. The only shorebirds were 27 Redshank and a flock of c400 Lapwing.

Generally a much quieter evening compared to previous visits but it is good to stretch the legs in the evenings now.

Observers: Arthur Harrison, Sparky & WSM (images).

1 thought on “23.02.18. Birdlog.

  1. Hi I was round FM yesterday morning Swans inc 2 bewicks were still there when i left at 11, 1 Green Sand was flushed along lordship lane ditch, good numbers of Golden Plover were behind mitg ponds and loads of ravens.In fields. On the way to the Swans were approx 100 P Wagtail and good numbers of M Pipit and a flock 20+ Linnets.

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