21.02.18. Birdlog.

I again took advantage of the increasing evening daylight hours with a visit to the marshes after work.

A quick look over No.6 tank and the open water before heading out to the south-west corner to look out over Lordship marsh. There was a slight increase in the numbers of Tufted Duck from just a few at the weekend to 17 this evening. The Common Pochard flock reached 29 birds with lesser numbers of Shoveler reduced to below a hundred birds. Common Teal were feeding close to the banks and numbered c340 and 46 Common Shelduck are beginning to rise. Several Shoveler and Common Teal were moving out to the flooded fields of No.3 tank.

A small roost of 6 Cormorant included the first sinensis of the year. The only waders present included 173 Lapwing, 16 Redshank and 12 Ruff.

After a while I headed out to Lordship Marsh where the wintering swans produced the 2 Bewick’s Swan with 6 Mute and 22 Whooper Swan and 2 Greylag Goose. The flooded fields close to the M56 motorway had several hundred Curlew which gathered together to head out as the sun dropped below the cloud belt to the estuary.

A huge flock of several thousand Starling headed out to the north and east at dusk.

Observer and images: WSM.

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