07.01.18. Birdlog.

An early morning visit by Keith Gallie produced this stunning image of a Redwing warming its toes on freshly layed dung. He also noted 3 Great White Egret,  a flock of 40 Golden Plover and 2 pairs of Stonechat.

We managed the last hour of light to have a watch over No.6 tank and the overnight frost freezing a good section of the water.

It was good to see a herd of Whooper Swan bathing in a stretch of unfrozen water with the setting sun giving an amber glow to the swans. The big flock of Shoveler that were here yesterday had depleted overnight but there were c300 present with Common Teal and Common Shelduck. The two Fulvous Whistling Duck were tucked into the south-east corner of the sludge tank.

A big flock of both Lapwing and Golden Plover were flying around Marsh Farm while the usual dispersal of Curlew could be seen heading out to the river for the evening.

A big skein of Pink-footed Goose were watched heading into the marshes from the salt marshes but after several circuits they decided to head north. A smaller group of six flew overhead and likewise headed north.

A Sparrowhawk was preparing for the Starling arrival at dusk while a Peregrine was sat on top of the blue chimney over at Weston Point.

Observer: Gary Worthington, Sparky & WSM (all images except #1).

1 thought on “07.01.18. Birdlog.

  1. Awesome sunset shots 😆 a few snipe circling Starlings unfortunately didn’t show in mass but still a reasonable turn out


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