08.12.17. Birdlog.

I just about managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of birding on the north banks of No.6 tank after work, sandwiched between a snow front heading east and backed by a bitterly cold wind b(f)reezingĀ in.

The main aim of my visit was to witness the continuing Starling roost close to the north banks of the sludge tank and its reed beds. The weather conditions were making the watch difficult but the birds eventually came in to roost from the west and settled in the reed beds close to my observation spot.

A skein of c500 Pink-footed Goose were flying in from the south-west and appeared to drop onto the salt marshes. A couple of Marsh Harrier were drifting over the far end of the tank until the clouds rolled back in and the evening light faded.

Observer and images: WSM.