18.10.17. Birdlog.

The evening light was dull and overcast making the dusk appear earlier than normal. I walked up from Brook Furlong Lane where a Great Spotted Woodpecker was moving about in the thick cover bordering the bridge that crosses over the M56.

Arriving on No.6 tank’s north bank and a quick scan looking from the eastern corner revealed the usual bunched up group of c45 Tufted Duck but it was good to see 15 Common Pochard (5 females) with them. The Shoveler were nervous by my presence and flew up and around for a while before pitching down on the water. The flock appeared more numerous in flight than was actually present when they finally settled. A count of 256 birds was made with a drake Wigeon, 31 Pintail, c500 Common Teal, c20 Gadwall, 34 Mallard, 21 Common Shelduck and the returning two Fulvous Whistling Duck were dappling in the shallow daisy beds with the teal. The first two Whooper Swan of the autumn joined a small herd of 13 Mute’s.

The wader flock consisted of 11 Black-tailed Godwit, 4 Redshank, 40 Lapwing and 78 Ruff. The tides are expected to get bigger later in the week and I’m fairly sure the godwit and hopefully Ruff numbers will rise accordingly?

N.B. The Nordic Jackdaw was again at Park Road (model boating lake), Runcorn this evening.

Observer and image: WSM

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