19.09.17. Birdlog.

A quick after work bird watch from the north banks of No.6 tank. A flock of 450 fidgety and nervous Lapwing were scattered when they saw the juvenile Peregrine fly through, but it didn’t stay and I watched it loafing around over Fox Hill before drifting off over Frodsham. Soon after the birds had settled most of the Lapwing flock left the area while a reduced flock did a few circuits before resettling on the edge of the expanding water level of the tank. Some of the flock of 25 Ruff departed with the Lapwing but 15 stayed and were joined by the first juvenile Little Stint of the autumn.There was a small group of 21 Black-tailed Godwit and some Redshank shuffling around.

A Water Rail peeped its body out of the reeds long enough for me to capture it in the digital format.

Ducks were well represented with 15 Pintail, 3 Wigeon, 6 Gadwall, 12 Mallard, c200 Common Teal, 21 Common Shelduck, 134 Shoveler and 24 Tufted Duck.

Apart from the Peregrine watched earlier the ducks got a little startled when a Hobby tore the air above them. A Raven drew my attention when it was bothering a Marsh Harrier at the west end of the tank and they were lost from sight as they flew over the mitigation area of No.3 tank.

Observer and images: WSM.