13.09.17. Birdlog.

After walk along the track above No.6 tank we settled at the viewing bank overlooking the open water below. We met up with Whipper Gibson hoping to see yesterday’s phalarope, but alas there was no sign of it. A gathering of shorebirds in the flooded water was a selected group of c350 Black-tailed Godwit, on closer inspection there were two juvenile Bar-tailed Godwit and 13 Knot attached with 5 Ruff close by.

The ducks were forced by the wind to hunch down behind the godwit flock and included: 178 Shoveler, 200 Common Teal, 16 Tufted Duck, 8 Gadwall, 30 Common Shelduck and the first Pintail of the autumn.

We left Whipper to his own devices and walked further along the track of No.3 tank. Approaching the incline at the end of the track and a couple of juvenile Black-tailed Godwit were seen to drop into the isolated pool adjacent to the ‘Splashing Pool’ at the western end of No.3. When we arrived the godwits were picked up immediately but a water pirouetting wader was also with them. The Red-necked Phalarope was refound at its original pool and we watched this delicate (probable) Scandinavian born wanderer strutting its stuff. Apparently Icelandic birds migrate west to the Chilean coast via the Bay of Fundy so presumably its more eastern than northern? I sent out a few messages and phoned Whipper who eventually made it back to see the bird before a steadt stream of birders arrived a couple of hours later.

It was good to hear that several observers had tallied their list of phalarope’s over the last week with a few Grey’s available at New Brighton today and a Wilson’s seen in Lancashire.

We continued our walk and spent time looking across Frodsham Score where there was little of note apart from a few Little Egret flying about.

Later in the evening regular birder Paul Ralston connected with the RNP and also added a Green Sandpiper which flew in and out with another on the ‘secluded pool’.

The pool on the west end of No.3 tank where the Red-necked Phalarope resides.

Observers: Mark (Whipper) Gibson, Paul Ralston, Sparky & WSM (all images).