26.08.17. Birdlog

I was sitting on the bank above the sludge tank of No.6 waiting with eagerness for the tide that lay a few hours ahead. This gave me plenty of time to sieve through the ducks that were already here. There were plenty of both Shoveler and Common Teal to keep me busy with Mallard and Common Shelduck filling in the gaps. Evetually Paul joined me and we had a chat while the godwits were  rooted to the spot dozing in the warm sunshine with only the occasional flurry of activity.

A flock of 500 Black-tailed Godwit increased to c700 birds later in the afternoon but despite all my best efforts a flock of 31 Lapwing, 6 Ringed Plover, 2 Avocet and 2 juvenile Golden Plover were the best I could extract from a (lowish) high tide watch. Further out on the Weaver estuary was a juvenile Ruff.

The juvenile Marsh Harrier drafted through but didn’t stay for long and a few Common Buzzard were riding the thermals above Fox and Helsby Hills. A Hobby flew close overhead by No.1/Marsh Farm.

Four juvenile Yellow Wagtail were by the Manchester Ship Canal and all of the bushes and hedgerows were busy with banding groups of roving tits, warblers and buntings.

Observers: Paul Ralston, WSM.

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