19.08.17. Birdlog

It wasn’t a particularly high tide today but any weekend tides that coincide with a late morning is always worthy of a punt. On arrival the expected Black-tailed Godwit flock had mostly arrived with an estimate of at least 1300 birds. Within the flocks was a significant number of juvenile birds, so I’m assuming that they had a good year up in Iceland (see link below)? The majority kept into a huddled bunch at the edge of the water on the sludge tank but typically a few including 20 juveniles flew over to my position below the northern bank and began feeding. Their constant chattering kept the otherwise nervous juvenile Redshank at bay and they too decided it was alright to settle and feed. That was until the big juvenile female Peregrine bundled through and scattered everything. She returned half an hour later with a Lapwing tightly clutched to her belly in flight and has obviously gain a little finesse since our last encounter. The Dunlin flock were down to c250 with just a handful of Ringed Plover to keep them company and 2 Ruff were the only notable additions.

Common Teal had made a sudden increase with c170 birds present and Shoveler numbers are increasing daily with 34 birds on this occasion.

It was a bit wet and wild out there today.

Observer and archive image: WSM.

Link to Black-tailed Godwit article: https://wadertales.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/black-tailed-godwits-and-volcanic-eruptions/

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