14.08.17. Birdlog

Me and my spouse took a hike down to the marshes this afternoon a couple of hours before the high tide on the Mersey estuary. There were c2050 Dunlin already in situ with 447 Black-tailed Godwit occupying the relative shelter below the southern banks of No.6 tank. Within that total was 43 juvenile godwits, so an increase in their numbers but a dramatic decrease in the overall flock from a few days ago.  A lot of those birds were resting up regaining some strength and sleeping after their long Icelandic flight. Also many were stretching their wing muscles and chattering away to each other before their onward journey and I assume the bigger flock have either moved on or have relocated, or both? The flightless bird in the eastern corner had a few companions today. A separate roost of 143 Ringed Plover were settled on the much drier ground a short distance from the main godwit and Dunlin roost. A solitary Common Sandpiper, 167 Lapwing and 3 Ruff were the only other waders of interest.

Observer: WSM (archive image).