11.08.17. Birdlog

After last nights disappointed with the shorebirds on No.6 tank I was determined I wouldn’t miss out this time. I parked the car adjacent to my usual spot with Sparky declining my invitation to join me on a damp windy bank looking over a selection of birds. She instead chose the comfort of the car.

Gingerly I edge myself into position on the bank with a big elder bush concealing my presence to the birds that were busy feeding on the muddy ground below. There were lots of waders and it had a feel of the old days where I didn’t really know which point I should start to look from. My usual scatter scope approach usually serves me well and I frantically spun the scope on its tripod like a machine gunner. A flock of 100 Ringed Plover and c2000 Dunlin were spread widely across the area and it was difficult at first to get my eye in, eventually a quick sweep didn’t reveal anything out of the norm. There were many fresh juveniles to keep the interest level high with various degrees of plumages but not anything other than Dunlin.

I changed my attention to the c1700 Black-tailed Godwit that were bunched tightly in the shallow waters and with the combined Dunlin flocks it was quite an impressive sight. Slowly working through the godwits started to reveal the first of 15 juvenile birds and a couple of complete summer plumaged birds shone out like beacons.

Nearby a group of 6 Ruff and a few Redshank were the other contenders but on this occasion nothing to really set the pulse racing but I’m certain it’s only a matter of time before someone picks out a goodie?

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Observer and archive image: WSM.