01.08.17. Birdlog

An evening visit before the high (but low) tide out on the Mersey estuary. Looking out across No.6 tank there was little of note initially but a thorough scan of the water and its edges produced a few species. A small flock of 5 Ruff were new in and joined up with a single Redshank and 48 Black-tailed Godwit. A gathering of 101 Lapwing were mostly partially concealed in the lush vegetation on the border with the dried sludge areas. A parent and juvenile Ringed Plover were close to the godwit flock.

Ducks were much lower in numbers than of recent weeks with 30 Tufted Duck being mostly juveniles. Common Shelduck reached a count of 84 with 23 Common Teal, 98 Mallard and 14 Little Grebe made up the rest.

Observer and images: WSM.