20.07.17. Birdlog

A few sightings from the River Weaver this afternoon. There were 2 Brown Rat feeding under a water trough along Brook Furlong Lane while nearby a family of Wren were in the hedgerow. A couple of Chiffchaff and Whitethroat were feeding in a bramble patch and a Reed Bunting with a metal ring on its leg was noted. 

Common Buzzard have been scarce recently so a juvenile sat in a tree by the river was pleasing to see.

Out on the river were 8 Common Sandpiper feeding on a patch of exposed mud  while several more were seen along the river bank. Four Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Dunlin, several Ringed Plover and a single Turnstone were also seen. A large flock of Black-headed Gull were on the water with

Observer: Paul Ralston (images 1-4).

A brief period of birding after work and a look over the north banks of No.6 tank. There were plenty of adult Common Shelduck with c100 young birds from various ages ‘shelducklings’ to juveniles. A few Gadwall were with the 50 Mallard, 160 Tufted Duck and the female was again with her 7 ‘tuftlings’. A drake Common Pochard was the first here for a while. There were 2 Mute Swan, 10 Common Teal and 12 Little Grebe adding to the avian picture this evening.

A solitary Black-tailed Godwit struck a lonely figure while 10 Dunlin and a single Lapwing was a pretty poor display.

One of the juvenile Marsh Harrier was floating over the distant reed beds and a Peregrine was sat on the blue topped chimney over at Weston Point.

There were numerous Comma, Red Admiral and Gatekeeper Butterflies along the track on No.5 tank mostly feeding on the Teasel and Burdock flowers.

Earlier in the day another Peregrine was perched up on one of the heraldic shields on Runcorn bridge.

Observer: WSM (images 5-9).

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