17.07.17. Birdlog

A very warm day continued into the evening and so after work I made my way to No.6 tank to watch over the area. Looking west from the north-east corner saw a distant flock of c100 Dunlin but when I managed later to look for them, they had departed suddenly!

The Tufted Duck flock still remains in the north-east corner where 148 birds were present with 60 Mallard and a lesser number of Common Shelduck as from previous counts here.

A female Tufted Duck mother had her family of ducklings close to heel.

After I relocated to the north banks the reason why the Dunlin had departed so prematurely was immediately evident. A juvenile (colour ringed) Peregrine was sat out on the baked dry cracked mud. After the falcon eventually departed two Black-tailed Godwit and 12 Dunlin emerged from nowhere.

The wader patience was again tested when a second juvenile (unringed) falcon appeared choosing the embankment as cover to avoid detection. It sat out on the mud to preen and didn’t cause any further concern to the birds already on the tank.

Peregrine video here: https://vimeo.com/225899697

A notable arrival of Common Gull is typical for the time of year but it would be nice to see something a tad more exotic with them one day.

A Cetti’s Warbler was scolding from a bramble patch along Moorditch Lane.

Observer, video and images: WSM.