15.06.17. Birdlog

I coincided my evening visit with the high tide on the Mersey estuary. On arrival the Black-tailed Godwit flock were back in force and are probably birds displaced from the land greed draining of the ‘Ibis Pool’ across the river at Carr Lane. I made a count of c1200 birds spread out across the entire flooded waters on No.6 tank. 31 Lapwing including a well-grown chick and two Ringed Plover were the other shorebirds on view.

A moulting drake Wigeon is summering here and 45 Tufted Duck were with it. The Common Shelduck were numbering 123 and both Gadwall and Mallard numbers were down in their counts.

A male Marsh Harrier was floating over the deserted mitigation area on No.3 tank.

Raven were drifting south in small groups with a flock of 12 birds being the biggest. Several were in wing and tail moult and had a rag tag effect look about them.

Common Swift were again hawking over the raised banks with several zipping overhead.

Observer and images: WSM.

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