11.05.17. Birdlog

An hour or so birding before the light drained out of the sky and a watch over No.6 tank.

The Black-tailed Godwit flock were back this evening with 382 birds clustered in two groups. A lone Whimbrel was asleep in the shallow waters. Nearby a Greenshank spent its time feeding along the edge of the shoreline. A flock of 81 Dunlin were present with a few Redshank. When the Whimbrel woke up, had a preen it flew off to the north calling. A short time later 4 more birds dropped in but didn’t linger and followed the first bird and headed in the same direction.

The Mute Swan herd tallied 21 tonight with 41 Gadwall, 47 Tufted Duck, 100 Common Shelduck and just a handful of Common Teal.

Towards dusk there were loose flocks of 8-10 Raven heading south from Frodsham Score and I managed a count of 51 birds.

Observer and images: WSM.