27.03.17. Birdlog

It’s been a great few days of Spring sunshine and this afternoon’s walk via No.6 up to No.4 tanks and then back along Lordship Lane was definitely required.

Walking up the ramp to No.5 tank at the start of our walk and immediately a short but emphatic blast from a Cetti’s Warbler could be heard from the south banks of the tank.

On No.6 tank the Black-tailed Godwit flock have increased with c400 birds crammed into the reedy bay at the south side of the sludge. As always whenever there’s a large group of one wader species they act as a protective surrogate mother figure, and the first alarm system whenever danger threatens. The Golden Plover were absent today but were replaced by 20 Ruff which were feeding on the fringe of the roosting godwits. The Redshank group were tucked in tightly within the main body of birds. In the distance 10 Avocet were more independent and feed freely with the Common Teal in the shallows.

As I mentioned the warm sunshine edged by a slight bite to the south-easterly wind brought out plenty of butterflies with Small Tortoiseshell and a Green-veined White being the most obvious. While Spring flowers like Butterbur, Coltsfoot and Lesser Celandine added a much-needed splash of colour to the wayside and ditches.

Apart from the usual Raven gatherings and pairs of Common Buzzard Frodsham Score was rather quiet despite the river on the ebb. The only saving grace was a east bound Sand Martin heading over the Canal Pools and a Siskin moving north.

Walking back along Lordship Lane the continued Whooper Swan void would suggest they have headed north to the land of fire and ice?

An adult Peregrine shot over Moorditch Lane flushing out a pair of Mallard from the ditch. I’m sure its intended targets (pigeons) were feeding on grain in the fields close to Twiggery Wood. A few Kestrel were out and about with 4 birds present.

If the fastest animal on earth wasn’t enough a Tornado shot over Liverpool and could be seen banking before heading back out to the coast. On the under carriage it was carrying jamming pods and counter measures for self defence.? So watch out Vladimir! A big thanks to all those that corresponed with the details via the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Birds-of-Frodsham-Marsh-117180855126736/

Observers: Sparky & WSM (images).