23.03.17. Birdlog

The last hour of the day was spent from Ince fields to the Holpool Gutter which kicked off with 3 Chiffchaff by the Pig Farm. The pools had 4 Common Shelduck along with the Mallard, Common Teal and Gadwall and a Little Egret flew in to join the fun.

Further out on the Frodsham Score salt marsh were 8 Whooper Swan and a flock of Redshank flew along the canal.

A Marsh Harrier was hunting along the bank on No.4 tank and 38 Mute Swan were grazing alongside the gutter.

There was over 30 Little Egret seen heading to their roost by Ince berth.

Observer: Paul Ralston (images 2-5)

Another Little Egret and a Great Crested Grebe both along the Manchester Ship Canal by the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port on my way to work this morning.

I was stationed at my trusty spot overlooking the open waters of No.6 tank and met Arthur who had already been been on site. The waders present were facing the cold stiff easterly and were in a better position to view in that they were side on. They consisted of 221 Black-tailed and incredibly a pair of Bar-tailed Godwit (one large and one much smaller sized bird).

There were a few Dunlin mixed into the flock and at least 3 Knot all still in their winter plumage. The Redshank flock was still in the hundreds mark and all kept to the south side of the tank close to the thick flooded vegetation. The Avocet flock is increasing daily and of the 20 present several were in the act of amore. Another 4 were on the mitigation area on No.3 tank.

A flock of 50 Tufted Duck were also pairing up and the 8 Common Pochard were also in tow and all were on No.6 tank. Nearby Common Shelduck, 80 Shoveler, 100 Common Teal and 23 Wigeon were gathered on No.3 tank.

Two Marsh Harrier dropped into No.6 at dusk and flew around for a while before edging out of sight. Two pairs of Common Buzzard were in aerial display while 3 Kestrel were busy hunting.

The Raven exodus continued from 4.30pm until the sun set over Liverpool and finally walking back to my car and a Cetti’s Warbler sang out from the thickets close to the ramp on Moorditch Lane.

Observer: WSM (images 1 & 6-7).

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