19.11.16. Birdlog (Part 1)

19-11-16-fox-frodsham-marsh-bill-mortonAfter my earlier visit to see the Peregrine which was perched up on the Ethelfleda railway bridge and the Nordic Jackdaw both in Runcorn I made my way to Frodsham Marsh.

19-11-16-little-egret-no-5-tank-frodsham-marsh-bill-morton-1There was a chill wind whipping up from the south-west and the sunny morning gave way to grey clouds in the late afternoon. No.6 tank had a gathering of 500 Lapwing with 200 Black-tailed Godwit and a couple of Ruff. The usual duck species were again present with both Shoveler and Common Teal being the most prominent. A smattering of Tufted Duck, Gadwall, Pintail and Common Shelduck made up the rest.

19-11-16-little-egret-no-5-tank-frodsham-marsh-bill-morton-6Another dead sheep (of which there are many) attracted 18 Raven, 2 Common Buzzard and a Fox. Even a Little Egret dropped to see what all the fuss was about. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a pride of Lions were resting up nearby the carnage is endemic!


After pairing up with TB we made our way out to the area overlooking Frodsham Score. The rising tide forced a swirling mas of 10,000 Dunlin over the salting’s while 43 Grey Plover were waiting the tide out on the score edge. There were at least 20 Little Egret out on the marshes with a single Great White Egret. 5 Whooper Swan and 12 Mutes were other birds of note.


Birds of prey were well represented with Kestrel, the blue-topped chimney Peregrine hawking high over Weston Point, a very mobile Merlin testing the nerve of a flock of Lapwing out on Frodsham Score while a wandering Marsh Harrier caused a mass panic sending everything up before it leisurely flapped over No.3 to roost out on six. The pale phase Common Buzzard was again perched up by the gun turret on the banks above the Manchester Ship Canal.

Observer and images: WSM.

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