05.10.16. Birdlog

05-10-16-mediterreanean-gull-adult-winter-no-6-tank-frodsham-marsh-bill-morton-3I had an hour to burn up after work so I decided I’d flog the pinata that is my patch on Frodsham Marsh. After taking a peek over the mitigation there was a return to form with birdvoid. So, I retraced my steps to look over No.6 tank. It was surprising to find that the muddy margins of the open water was also absent of any birds?

05-10-16-mediterreanean-gull-adult-winter-no-6-tank-frodsham-marsh-bill-morton-7However, the open water was littered with upward of 1000 Black-headed Gull and hidden in their throng was a smart-looking adult winter Mediterranean Gull. At least something to salvage from my saunter to the marsh this evening. Small flocks of these gulls drifted off inland and included the Med Gull. I followed their course and found where they were heading for. A ploughed field at the junction of Moorditch and Lordship Lanes, the field must have been ploughed earlier in the day because it also attracted 100 Lapwing, 8 Ruff and of course the gulls.


A couple of Chiffchaff were calling from the reedy ditches on No.5 tank but I’m still optimistic about another phylloscopus spp here before these easterly winds change direction. There was a obvious movement of thrushes with both Mistle Thrush and Blackbird present.


05-10-16-blackbird-and-rowan-berries-yardinere-bill-morton-3Observer and images: WSM.

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