22.09.16. Birdlog

22.09.16. Meadow Pipit, No.5 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

22-09-16-starlings-and-carrion-crow-no-1-tank-frodsham-marsh-bill-morton-5My evening visits are getting shorter and shorter despite the sunny weather we have been experiencing recently. Having said that there’s still plenty of birding to be had and my usual trip to look over No.6 tank wasn’t that exciting with 13 Ruff and the usual ducks still present. A look over the mitigation was more out of habit than any real expectations and true to form I wasn’t disappointed…again.

Ever the optimist I move out to Marsh Farm and had a look at the ebbing tide on the River Mersey. The only area exposed to mud was adjacent to the Weaver Sluices where a large concentration of shorebirds were gathered. Although fairly distant a blast of evening sunlight breaking through the clouds aided my observation. There was a good count of Redshank bunched together which numbered 300 birds. Also present were 2000 Dunlin with a single Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper. Several hundred Curlew and 3 Knot were notable along with 54 Oystercatcher.


High above the sluice gates perched on the blue-topped chimney was the female Peregrine which reappeared after a week or so.


The Raven flock were gathered on No.5 tank and along with an adult Great Black-backed Gull that was oddly perched up on a telegraph pole along Alder Lane were all on the lookout for their next mutton meal.


A small passage of Meadow Pipit were perched up on the wires by the lane.


Observer and images: WSM.


Earlier Ian (Iggy) Igglesden over at Hale lighthouse picked out a couple of Great White Egret out on Frodsham Score which can not be seen from the vantage point at the farm.