15.09.16. Birdlog & Gowy Meadows Notes


Another brief evening visit to the marsh just to see what’s been coming or going. My destination was the north banks of No.6 or the south banks of No.5 tank depending how you look at it.

A flock of 10 Avocet were leftover from the flock that had arrived yesterday and they were joined by 15 Ruff and 7 Dunlin.

Ducks are a big feature on Frodsham Marsh at the moment and some species are always the bread and butter birds  (Tufted Duck and Common Teal). While others are passing through or beginning to spend the winter (Shoveler and Wigeon). All in all it’s worth spending some time working your way through the flocks you never know you might find the juvenile Garganey which which I again picked out from the hundreds of teal.

A juvenile Marsh Harrier flew from No.5 tank and then disappeared over the mitigation which in turn had 21 Common Teal to show for all the money that’s been  spent on it!


15-09-16-leucistic-carrion-crow-pickerings-pasture-halebank-cheshire-bill-morton-1215-09-16-leucistic-carrion-crow-pickerings-pasture-halebank-cheshire-bill-morton-1Earlier I came across this partial leucistic Carrion Crow in a stubble field. I’ve often come across crows with various degrees of leucism but this one was one of the better marked birds,

Observer and images: WSM.

Gowy Meadows

An evening walk along the Gowy Meadows and the highlights were a Red-breasted Merganser and Kingfisher. A ‘white’ Starling was seen in a flock near the air products site along the Shropshire Union Canal  earlier in the day.

Observer: Paul Ralston.