20.06.16. Summer Solstice Edition

20.06.16. Peregrine, Runcorn Bridge. Bill Morton (2)20.06.16. Shelduckling, Lordship Lane ditch, Frodsham Marsh. Paul Ralston (1)An afternoon walk around No.6 tank started off with two Common Shelduck chicks with no apparent sign of their parent bird or any other siblings, they fed unconcerned in the ditch along Lordship Lane. Also in the ditch were a pair of Shoveler. Both Reed Warbler and Common Whitethroat were feeding fledged chicks in the bank side vegetation while a Kestrel hovered above in search of a prey. 18 Mute Swan fed in the flood water and good numbers of (96) Tufted Duck, (32) Gadwall, Mallard and 120 more Common Shelduck with a small amount of (8) Common Pochard and (46) Common Teal were noted. Lapwings were busy giving a Common Buzzard a hard time as it flew over their nesting sites while the godwit flock continue their vacation here and most look splendid in breeding colours. The 2 Avocet chicks are fearlessly protected by both parents and are growing quickly. A Stoat was seen on the tail of a Rabbit and a party of Raven were sat on the fence for a change.

Observer: Paul Ralston (image 2).

20.06.16. Avocet chick, No.3 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton (2)

20.06.16. Avocet, No.3 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton (1)An evening trip over Runcorn bridge as a car passenger to Widnes resulted in capturing the pagan Peregrine Falcon (top image) perched up with Britannia in situ and the Union Flag at her helm.

While Paul took the morning shift I had to wait until after tea to take my usual ramble along the track north of No.6 tank. I stopped off briefly to watch the two Avocet chicks which by now are considerably bigger than the local adult Ringed Plover present (see image 3).

20.06.16. Ringed Plover and chicks, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton (6)

Over on No.6 tank much the same birds were noted that PR had watched earlier in the day. The exception being a finely plumed male Ruff and two Avocet. There were several hundred Common Swift, Sand Martin and Swallow high over the marsh. A male Cuckoo was seen briefly before it was inadvertently flushed from a tree overlooking the south-east corner of six.

Another Peregrine was perched up on the blue-topped chimney over at Weston Point.

20.06.16. male Chaffinch, Widnes. Bill Morton (1)

Observer: WSM (images 1 & 3-6).